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School of Allied Health KIU-WC Targets Capacity Building

School of Allied Health KIU-WC Targets Capacity Building

The School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS), KIU-WC, held a capacity-building research workshop at the Western Campus Teaching Hospital Conference Hall today, which provided a forum for lecturers, students and invited guests to interact, discuss and debate on new innovations in research. 

The workshop focused on providing opportunities for better and rewarding learning experiences and training on how to participate in national and international conferences and workshops.

According to Dr. Mariama Salihu, the Associate Dean, Research and Innovative (For research team SAHS), "there were three key presenters for the three different sessions and presentation of different topics to be followed with an interaction, question and answer session."

The first presentation was taken by Dr Mercy Nwankwo,  she spoke on Topics/Titles, Keywords, Abstract, Introduction and Literatures Review; the second presentation was on Materials, Methods and Statistical Analysis, it was taken by Dr Jamila Abdullahi. Dr Mariama Salihu spoke on Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References in the third presentation.

The presentations were followed by a step-by-step exercise to re-enforce the concepts learned during the session. The participants were given the opportunity to solve and discuss different hypothetical research scenarios and exercises in different groups.

The workshop was informed by a deliberate move to prepare staff for in-house capacity building as an important step in the achievement of greater heights in research and innovation at the University.

The participants were issued a Certificate of Participation at the end of the capacity building workshop.