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“Your Health is Your Wealth” – KIU Western Campus International Affairs Minister Mutonyi

“Your Health is Your Wealth” – KIU Western Campus International Affairs Minister Mutonyi

KIU, Western Campus – KIU Western Campus International Affairs Minister in the Students Guild, Sarah Mutonyi, has reminded students that their health is their greatest wealth and they should put it before anything else, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic times.

“We still need ourselves, our parents need us, our university needs us and our country at large also still needs us,” Mutonyi, a third-year student of Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health, says.

“Let’s beware of our mental health, avoid depression and try to accept the situation at hand. We should also follow SOPs, stay home and keep safe for our own sake and for our country,” she adds.

Mutonyi, who also doubles as the Woman MP for School of Allied Health Sciences, bemoans the disruption that the lockdown has caused.

“Generally, the lockdown has let down all students academically irrespective of their class or course, in a way that there is no progress in the academic levels and the duration of courses has increased,” she says. 

She also decries the fact that students, especially from her course, have been denied time to do practice in health facilities, and this has put the plans and expectations of many students on hold.

She however says she has not rested on her laurels, deciding to use the extra time in the lockdown to learn new skills and improve on the ones she already possesses.

“Besides medicine, I do hair. So, most of the time, I am plaiting, weaving or making a wig. I also do exercises in the mornings and evenings to make sure I keep fit and maintain my shape,” she reveals.

Mutonyi is also keeping her foot on the pedestal as far as academics is concerned - she reads her notes and watches educational YouTube videos and manuals about medicine.

She warns students against engaging in destructive behaviour during the lockdown like irresponsible sex, which can lead to HIV infection, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

Despite the seemingly worrying times, Mutonyi urges her fellow students and all humanity to keep faith in God, because he only can deliver us from the pandemic.

She gives a short prayer, which she says gives strength, hope and faith that the Lord always looks out for mankind.

“Today, remind me that when one door closes, more doors open. You see things I can’t see. You know what I need and when I need it. You’re deliberate. May I have faith in your method, trusting that my steps are ordered and that my ways have been formed – in Jesus' name, Amen.”

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